Itching after insect bites? 🦟

Get relief FAST! Stick BitePatch directly on to your skin over the bite. Do not scratch before applying. The itching should start to subside soon after application. BitePatch will remain on your skin for approximately 4-7 days, though you can remove any time. 

How does it work?

BitePatch uses our NEW trans dermal grid technology which lifts the top layer of the skin reducing the urge to itch.

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Our handy travel pack of 24 patches will ensure you always have bite relief nearby. Each easy to apply patch is a discreet 0.78 x 1.06 inches (20 x 27mm). 

Also available in COLOUR!
Pack includes pink, blue, white and original colour.

Free Shipping for 4 or more packs anywhere in Australia!

Why BitePatch?

Fast & Easy Itch Relief
Itching will subside soon after applying the patch. Get long lasting relief with only one application.

Kid Friendly
No more toxic sprays or lotions. Easy for kids to apply. Won't wash off in the shower, bath or pool!

No Active Chemicals
Skin friendly, latex free acrylate adhesive. Even if you're allergic to a regular plaster BitePatch should be suitable for you.

Free Shipping
Order 4 or more packs for FREE shipping Australia wide.

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